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July 7, 2006
Fallen Angels on the BBC

Have you seen the new show Hex on BBC America? I've seen every episode so far. It's not a bad show, though I think some of the comedy doesn't translate as well to an American mind - albeit one that has a well stocked vocabulary of British slang.

It's about the fourth thing I've seen about Nephilim since I started writing my novel on, go figure, Nephilim. I guess I'd better write the damn book before everyone is all Nephilim'ed out. Not that I'm planning on publishing it or anything, but I'd at least like to think I'd still get credit for an original idea. Now, where did I leave that inspiration? Maybe I'll get to work on it soon - provided I can fix up an aluminum foil helmet to keep the mind readers out. Damn psychic vampires.

The other things I've seen on Nephilim/Angel-Human halfbreeds:
- Demon Hunter
- The Prophecy: Forsaken

Plus, I've run into people who are writing/have written on a similar subject. Interesting. I wonder what that says about the current mindset of creative people. Probably nothing, but I'll still think about it at length anyway.

Anyway - want to know what the Nephilim thing is all about? Click here.

theres also the show 'Fallen' :D
Hmm... that's the name of my book. Damn. :)
i got the whole it from torrent.the name is Hex..i admit its a very nice show.I was addicted to it.
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